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What kind of food will we have?That depends on the tour and the time of year. You can expect a variety of food groups and flavors. Our South Orange tour currently features artisanal cheese, small batch pastries, Mexican street tacos, and some of the best classic, pub food in the area.Are there veggie options?Our current tour includes vegetarian dishes, but as menus can change, please confirm ahead of time.What if I have a food allergy?Please notify us at [email protected] at least 72 hours in advance of the tour if you have any allergies that prevent you from eating certain foods. We will work with you to ensure your safety and satisfaction at each of the stops on our food tours.Who exactly are you?Chow Town Food Tours is the evil scheme of Max Gray, a native New Jerseyan with strong opinions on food -- the food of the Jersey suburbs, to be exact. He is on a mission to deliver the most fun, entertaining, and delicious food tour experience around by taking the 'BS' out of the suburbs.In all seriousness, Max founded Chow Town to share his love of food and community with folks of all backgrounds and creeds. Book a tour now and come on down to Chow Town!Why the suburbs?The Jersey suburbs is an absolute cornucopia of untapped culinary joy. This underrated, multicultural area is bursting with vibrant food traditions ranging from Italian to Ethiopian and everything in between. Book a tour today and find out what you've been missing!Do you offer refunds?Our tours require a lot of planning and preparation. We pay advance deposits to the small business owners on our tours to ensure the best experience for guests. For that reason, we are unable to provide refunds at this time.
However, if you notify us more than 72 hours prior to your tour, we will work with you to reschedule you to a more convenient date at another time.
I had a blast on our food tour! How do I support the local restaurant owners we met?We are so glad to hear it! Building up our NJ communities is a big reason for why we do this. We suggest following them on social media and purchasing other products from them after the tour is over.
Another way would be to register for another tour with Chow Town. Click here to read about the other tours we are offering. It would be a pleasure to see you again.

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Join our action packed, 2.5-hour tour of South Orange, NJ!Over the last century, this formerly sleepy farm town has bloomed into a thriving satellite community of Newark and NYC. Don't sleep on this fun and food-filled tour of the vibrant Village of South Orange and discover what makes this an unsung gem of NJ’s food scene.

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Long before he founded Chow Town Food Tours, Max was a kid growing up in north Jersey. Back then, meals were served at eye level. He couldn't quite reach the good stuff. Well, he has come a long way. Today, he can reach anything on the table, and it shows! Max is a foodie who can't wait to share the best of his home turf -- suburban New Jersey -- with you, the newest citizens of Chow Town.Let's grab some chow!


Questions about a tour?Want a private tour for your party, or a team building event for your colleagues?Just kind of hungry?Get in touch!

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